Last Post Over Here

This will be my last post over here. I have officially transferred everything over to the new site. The new site will be located at:
Right now if you click on it, it will bring you right back to this site. But after tomorrow it will no longer do that. The hubs has it set up like this right now while I’m transferring everything. But that is all done.🙂
So Yeehaa!!!!


I keep getting a lot of text asking where I am. I haven’t really been online the couple days at all.
The reason. I’m not up to par right now. I will hopefully be back to my normal self soon.
Everyone take care and try to stay out of trouble.

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Ghost Pizza’s

The other day I was online looking for a fun Halloween recipe to make for the kids and I came across one for Ghost Pizzas.


The link for the original recipe is below:

However this was the last item she posted over there. You can now find her at


Well now on to the recipe. I changed it a little to personalize it for my children.

First the ingredients

The original recipe called for french loaves. However I got these rolls instead because I thought they looked a little bit more like ghost.

Like the author I also put the pepperoni on these. I put the pepperoni directly onto the bread itself to help hide it. I also put on a little garlic and oregano.

Next Alfredo Sauce. Now my kids loved this because tomato sauce gets old. This gave it a new flavor for them and they enjoyed it.

Then came the cheese. Now my three like their pizza extremely cheesy.

After applying the cheese I took a black olive and cut it in half for the eyes. Now none of my kids like olives so they picked them off. But still what’s a ghost if they don’t have any eyes.

Then after about fifteen minutes in the oven at 350 this is what my kids got.

I ended up making these as an after school snack for the kids.